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A graphic designer

Senior graphic designer with over ten years’ experience in graphics and interactive content design. Specialising in printing, UI/UX design, 2D animation, illustration and web design. Worked as a graphic designer in Unitedtimes, a senior graphic designer in a management consulting agency for three years and a multimedia development company for five years. Helped deliver product efficiently and accurately.


Web design


Identify main issues 2

Identify main issues 2

User Testing script 2

Flowchart for prototype 2

Style guide for UI


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Flowchart for prototype 1


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Affinity mapping

User Testing Script

Furrio! User Testing Script_2

Style guide for mockup

style guide

Early digital mockup

Draft abstract and pitch


  1. While the model building is a popular hobby, model builder needs a way to explore different coloring ideas on digital copies of their models to safe time.
  2. There is an opportunity to design an app that allows model builders to test their color ideas on digital copies before they paint their real models.
  3. I will design an app for users to purchase modeling kits with 3D digital versions included exploring their coloring.
  4. Our app will result in an easy and faster way to find fitting color combinations.
  5. This project will help model builders to enjoy their favorite hobby even more and save time in the process.

Rough wireframing for the website

Rough wireframing

Type and Images



User Profile

User story

As a user, I want to make model building so that I can fulfill my interest

  1. As a user, I can find a digital model that match my model kits
  2. As a user, I can design a digital model directly in mobile device
  3. As a user, I can print the digital model directly to a 3D printer
  4. As a user, I can get the accurate colours from the palette so that I can apply the colours to the models
  5. As a user, I can find many cool decals to stick on my models
  6. As a user, I can easily find best deals on tools, materials & kits
  7. As a user, I can share the photos of my model building achievement on social media
  8. As a user, I can easily get the instructions of specific model building from network
  9. As a user, I can organise resources & references for a model building project
  10. As a user, I can make friends who interested in making models building

Black squares activity

Mandala designs

Colour the Logos Activity

3 Organic + 3 Geometric tracing

Early documentation of icon assignment progress